Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear…I keep the deepness near. But I sunk into my abyss and found out that I’m the deepest here.  I used to want my poetry to be the sweetest words that you would ever hear.  Now it’s clear that people want either bitter realness or for you to be insincere.  Peer into my mind and use these words to relate to your peers…or maybe relate to your fears.  The difference between me and you is a keyboard and the willingness for this to be my career.  I bare my soul because God told me that I can bear my role. I choose to obey instead of burying my head in a hole. How can you shine if you choose to bury your diamonds in the rest of these coals? This world is cold so allow my words to comfort you, Dr. Shoals. I write this for those sick and tired and have to doctor their goals. Health is wealth, time is money, and God is in control. So I have gold all in my watch, gold all in my chain, everything all gold. I put that on everythang, we all grow. We all have worth, and man will try to appraise you, but your praise will make your price tag worth more than you know. I have begun to realize that, the more that He shows.  You think this is just about these shows? This is about what He ultimately wants me to show and for you to know.  It just so happens that it flows. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; it’s that we are more powerful than we know…This is Cocktails coming from my home cubicle of meditation.  I put self-doubt in a coffin, sent it a wreath and then buried it six feet deep.

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